How to Build Anything

Woodworking plans often assume too much from beginners—leaving out critical steps in the building process that experienced woodworkers no longer need.


How to Build Anything fills in the missing pieces, with easy-to-follow instructions for choosing tools, buying lumber, and constructing simple wood projects with boards from your local home center.

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My First Project

Just caught the woodworking bug? My First Project will teach you the basic skills needed for building three projects designed especially for beginners.


Plans include a simple cutting station, a 2x4 workbench, and a pine bookcase. The unique plans let you custom design the projects to any size, with a removable cutlist that makes buying supplies easy!

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EZ Project Planner

This unique set of diagrams, templates, and graph paper is the perfect companion for designing your own wood projects—without using complicated software!


See at a glance how many boards to buy and which lengths provide the most economy. The Magic Drawing Cubes help you sketch your wood project ideas in 3D—even if you can’t draw in perspective!

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EZ Pilot Hole Guides

Here’s a fool-proof method for drilling pilot holes on dimensional lumber. Simply align the template along the edge of your project piece, and then mark the spot.


The fine-tuned “targets” place your pilot holes exactly where you want them on the adjoining boards just below. Includes guides for most all sizes of dimensional lumber sold at your local home center.

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